13 January 2019 – Support your loved ones

To my professor friends, please take the time to support your loved ones in their endeavors even if those activities bear no fruit. You did not get your job without any support. At least, most of us did not. Return the support to family and friends who supported you. A little help goes a long way.

But what matters most is that our loved ones want to know that we care. I know I can become self-absorbed in my work and hours and sometimes days can go by before I surface. But the work will always be there. Take the time to help and care for the one sleeping in the same bed or in the next room or in the next town.

I spent my Sunday (13 January 2019) helping my husband with the cover letter for a job application. The hubby had drafted it. But another pair of eyes was needed to keep the letter to the point and make it an easy read. You having your partner’s back gives them more confidence in themselves.

That support may be different for an aging parent. Most times they just want to talk with you, tell you what’s going on with them, find out what’s going on with you. Good parents find excuses to spend time with you in one way or the other. Take the opportunities to show them that you love them.

Your children will command your attention the most. Hold them, hug them, cherish them. Give gratitude for their shrieks and noises. Bear with them when they chat back at you. Give them their space when they want it but always monitor them. Let them know that you care about they are going through. Show them that this life is meant to be lived and loved. Show them to trust and yet be careful. Show them the way of the world, trying out new experiences and being open to new ideas. You be their guide, their mentor, their friend, and their parent. Love them and support them. What you give to them, they will give to this world.

Your friends, especially the ones you call on when you want to cry, want to know that you are ready to stand with them or for them. Their bosses may not be kind to them. They may have long hours to work. They may need help with picking up their kids occasionally from school. You help them. They reciprocate when they can and help you too.

Support your loved ones. It is part of life. It is living.

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