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Hi, I’m Sybil Dhan.

As a professional career-driven woman, I have had to live with crushing overwhelm and unrealistic expectations. I felt the stress and anxiety to be the best at work and at home. At times,  I thought I was losing control of my life. I tried reaching to colleagues at my job to find out how did they do it all. But, they too were struggling. I tried therapy and it worked for a while. While the therapist meant well, I found that some solutions did not fit well with the life I had. I needed solutions tailored to my life.

For whatever reason, my bosses kept tossing me into more responsibilities and roles that I was never trained for.

I wanted to thrive in my career, work, and life. Instead, I felt I was sinking.

But, by scouring the research and experimenting with several techniques, I was able to reduce overwhelm and stress.

Because of my background as a researcher and teacher at a university, I prefer to use evidence-based techniques. However, in my journey, I found some pretty good advice from other professionals.

I slowly built myself back up to the high performer I used to be….but not fully because that past life was just not sustainable.

And as I was (and still am) on my journey to first cope with overwhelm and then thrive, I found more professionals around me needing similar strategies. And, I found we needed to create a safe environment to talk about challenges we are having in our professional performance.

I created this blog initially for myself.

But, my work with colleagues led to this blog evolving into a resource site to share both evidence-based and intuitive techniques to help you to handle overwhelm and stress.

You will find solutions to help you in both the short-term and the long-term.

But most of all, you get to choose the techniques that could easily be incorporated into your otherwise busy life.

Use this blog as a starting point in your journey to a thriving life.

Because it is only when you are thriving that you can go after your dreams.