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You’ve been working as a professional woman for some years. You have your dream job and you’re proud of your accomplishments.

But recently you find yourself stretched at work and at home. You’re trying to move up the ranks in your career and between that, the many roles at work and home, you find the balls that you used to juggle with ease now crash to the ground.

You’re overwhelmed and did not think everyday life was meant to be so challenging. You can’t help but wonder if this is how life really should be? Wasn’t it supposed to get easier once you have the dream job and everything your family expects you to have by now?

You’re stuck and you don’t even know where to begin to get unstuck.

As a professional career-driven woman, I have been in a similar place trying to live with crushing overwhelm and unrealistic expectations. I too felt the stress and anxiety to be the best at work and at home and impending doom that I was losing control of my life. I tried reaching out to women at my job to find out how did they do it all. But, female colleagues at work were more concerned with competing than guiding or mentoring. I tried therapy and while the advice meant well, was told to take a workday off. While the therapist meant well, I found that some solutions do not fit well with the life I had. I needed solutions tailored to my life.

I did not want just a patch to a problem that will never go away because as you become better and innovative at your work and career, you will move ahead which means more responsibilities and roles you were never trained for.

I wanted to thrive in my career, work, and life.

Over the past three years, I have scoured the research and experimented with several techniques to reduce overwhelm and stress. Because of my background as a researcher and teacher at a university, I prefer to use evidence-based techniques. However, in my journey, I found some pretty good advice from women like ourselves.

And as I was (and still am) on my journey to first cope with overwhelm and then thrive, I found more professional early-career women around me needing similar strategies.

I created this blog to share both evidence-based and intuitive techniques to help you to handle overwhelm and stress. You will find solutions to help you in both the short-term and the long-term. But most of all, you get to choose the techniques that could easily be incorporated into your otherwise busy life. Use this blog as a starting point in your journey to a thriving life.

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