Align your dreams with your life purpose

Align your dreams and life purpose

How often have you pursued a dream and then stopped after the first phase? Your motivation waned, and you’re tired of putting out work for little in return. After a while, you start again and run into a wall with no immediate way around or over it. Before you give up, there is one question you should explore: Have you aligned your dream with your life purpose?

Difference between a dream and a life purpose

First, let’s look at the difference between a dream and a life purpose. A dream is that future state you see for yourself, for example, a millionaire author or an adventurer. A life purpose gives meaning to dreams and is in service to others. So you may wish to become a millionaire author and you have a life purpose to help women who are stuck in lives that do not serve them.

If you decide to write novels to bring you closer to your dream of being a millionaire author and you totally disregard your life purpose, then all the activities you need to do for your dream are not investments in service of your life purpose. Most likely your motivation will flag and the activities become dreary and tedious work.

The best thing you can do for your motivation is to align your dream and your life purpose.

What is your life purpose?

If you don’t have a life purpose as yet, ask yourself, who am I here to serve? If you are given the opportunity to help a person today or tomorrow, who would that person be? Then ask why would you want to help them. Finally, how would you help them?

Finding a life purpose could be hard work but do it because it helps make your dreams easier to achieve.

Once you have an idea of your life purpose, align your dreams with your life purpose. Remember, you can change your dream and life purpose.

Align your dreams and life purpose

Let’s return to our millionaire author dream and life purpose to help women who are stuck with their lives. Here are three ways to align the dream and the life purpose. You can still write novels and use a percentage of your profits to set up a coaching business to help women or you donate the proceeds to women in a shelter. Or, you decide to write nonfiction books to help women in different aspects of their stuck lives. You can set up an author’s blog to guide women who want are stuck into trying their hand at writing too. These are only some of many ways.

Now perform a similar alignment with your dream and your life purpose. Make a list of all possible ways you could align your dream to your life purpose. Think about this alignment every day for the next two weeks. You do not have to decide on one way to align your dream and life purpose. Instead, you may find multiple ways for the alignment. This is great because you will always find a way to take action on your dream as it will be in service to your life goal. Rewrite the list to reflect the alignment current to your life. Read this list every day while you are working on your dream. You will find the motivation to do the work to achieve your dreams.

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