Bank your words

Oftentimes we believe words should flow from our fingertips.

Maybe words flow for professional authors. But newbie authors tend to struggle.

Most of us wish the overflow of words should just happen. We fail to realize that the overflow comes only after we have banked enough words.

Think of writing words as making a deposit. Maybe a daily deposit, a weekly or a monthly one. But a deposit nonetheless.

If we make this deposit consistently we will accumulate enough to get to a state of abundance and overflow.

And as we do with building a financial savings, set a word count goal.

If you are new to writing then start with a 200 word per day deposit. Don’t do the minimum 1000 word count that professional authors or bloggers have. Popular blogger Jon Morrow writes over 2000 words per day and Jeff Goins popularizes 500-1000 words per day.

And, don’t just set the word count goal. Set the time or times of day that you will make the deposit. Maybe as soon as you get up in the morning, on your lunch break, in the car before your commute to home, after dinner, or after putting the kids to bed.

So open an account (notebook, Evernote notebook, Word document, Google doc) and make frequent and regular deposits.

The time will come when you could make a withdrawal to shape them into what you want…an article, a short story, a chapter, or maybe even a book.


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