Celebrate small wins

Pause and reflect

Yesterday, I resubmitted a scientific article for a journal. This was only part of one of my goals for the rest of the year. I was tempted to move on and not celebrate. However, here are 3 benefits for pausing and celebrating the small wins in between.

Pause and thank the people who support you

I took my husband out for breakfast this morning in a little coffee shop close to home. It was just a small thank you from me to him as he had to put up with me going to bed late the past three nights and disturbing his sleep as I got in bed. So my little win is also his little win.

Always thank the people who support you without throwing a complaint your way. They need to feel appreciated for the small and big efforts for accommodating the pursuit of your dreams. And, when you genuinely thank them, you too get to celebrate your small win. Just remember to thank them in a way they would love. If your spouse loves a special type of latte, then get that for them.

Pause and reflect

When you celebrate your small wins you get to recount how you did it to others. This helps you to reflect on your experience, on what went well and what worked against you.

But don’t just leave your reflection there. Also, think about how you would handle specific challenges when next they arise and what you can do the next time to have greater control over the outcomes of your actions. Log your thoughts to enhance your memory of the strategies you will take.

Pause and get yourself organized for the next phase

The next phase to finally complete your goal will need your focus, attention and money. So prepare for all of these things and get yourself organized for another round of intense effort to complete your goal.

For example, one of my goals is to get two articles published. I got one article resubmitted. I need to get the information and draft together for the second article. Pausing now helps me to do these things before going full steam ahead only to realize that you have to stop midway through to get more materials. I prefer being organized upfront so that I could fully focus on the publishing process.

I hope the next time you make significant progress to your goals that you pause and celebrate your small wins.

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay 

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