Clarify your dream: Review the vision statement of your dream

In a previous post, I explained how to clarify your dream by adding context. We took an example of a dream: making one million dollars from your writing.

By considering the different paths to get to the same goal, you would have shortlisted paths most suitable to you. Also, you would have written a vision statement.

In this post and tutorial, you will clarify your dream by reviewing the vision statement of your dream.

Sometimes your vision statement of your dream and the shortlist of paths to the dream do not line up.

For example, in the previous post, the vision statement does not include two of the paths to the goal of making one million dollars from writing. These two paths were writing articles and selling them to magazines and the other was to set up a blog and monetize the blog. The vision statement of the dream had writing books and novels and selling on online platforms such as Amazon.

This does not mean that you will throw out the first two paths to the dream because circumstances can change to make these paths possible.

Instead, some of the paths that not included in the vision statement of your dream may be one of the goals for the other paths. For example, setting up and monetizing a blog may be one of the things you need to do to showcase the books you have written. A blog is one of the strategies to build an author platform for the books you have written and sold on Amazon and other sites. This is, in fact, the strategy of some authors such as Joanna Penn. Ms Penn’s author’s website is the Creative Penn. She blogs about writing and marketing and she also supports fellow authors Mark Dawson and Nick Stephenson. Mark incidentally also has an online course called the Self Publishing Formula and Nick’s course is Your First 10K Readers. They are all novelists who have their own blogs and courses.

Now the shortlist of the paths to your dream can be reduced even further to the two main paths. For example, the four shortlisted paths to a million dollars:

  1. Pitch stories or nonfiction articles to online magazines and get paid for them.
  2. Start a blog in a specific niche, become the expert in a particular area and write a ton of posts to drive traffic to your site to sell physical products, digital products, gain affiliate commission etc.
  3. Write nonfiction books and sell from your blog and Amazon.
  4. Write novels and sell on multiple platforms such as Amazon.

can be reduced to two main paths:

  1. Write nonfiction books and sell from your blog and Amazon.
  2. Write novels and sell on multiple platforms such as Amazon.

You should incorporate the other routes into your main routes to your ultimate dream because you want congruence among the paths. Congruence helps you to reduce the time and distractions to your ultimate dream. For example, if you have a monetized blog on sporting equipment but your ultimate dream is writing novels, then setting up a monetized blog will distract you from your novel writing and selling activities. Few people can juggle multiple incongruent routes to their dream.

Now you can use your vision statement and the main paths that you could take to realize your dream and massage out a strategy that you could take. In next week’s post, we will look at strategizing and planning.

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