Courage is everywhere

Courage to be authentic

Ryan Holliday starts his book Courage is Calling with this key concept about courage: Courage is not a finite resource, it is renewable and everywhere.

Courage is the single mom or dad raising their children, making money to put food on the table and have a roof over their heads.

Courage is the child whose parents are drug addicts and who hides under stairwells to loose herself in her art.

Courage is the woman having a mastectomy. Courage is the partner comforting her.

Courage is the student studying online during the COVID 19 pandemic away from friends.

Courage is the person who lost their job and have to pound the streets looking for any income to survive.

Courage is the writer or artist daring to create her Dreamworld.

Courage is the creator fighting distractions so they can create their desire.

Courage is reaching out to a friend or colleague to make a network connection for you.

Courage is the zoo keepers and friends providing animals with their food and grooming.

Courage is the medics fighting the pandemic in the frontlines and trenches.

Courage is the businesses who retained their employees through thick and thin.

Courage is the grandmother who in lucid states realizes she is losing her mind.

Courage is the couple grieving after a miscarriage.

Courage is the family members mourning the death of a loved one.

Courage is the newly appointed leader having to turn an economy around.

Courage is the woman or man going through a divorce.

Courage is the mother or father watching over their child.

Courage is the child dreaming of being an astronaut. Courage is that child working toward her dream.

Courage is a person asking strangers to fund their surgery.

Courage is fighting for a social cause.

Courage is anyone creating the life they want.

Courage is helping others be safe and cared for.

Courage is working through your grief, sadness, depression or anxiety.

Courage is knowing you can handle anything coming your way.

Courage is everywhere.

You were brave today. You can be brave again tomorrow.

These are some of the ways courage manifests in my family, friends and colleagues. What does courage mean for you?

Photo by Alvin Balemesa on Unsplash

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