Discover your life purpose: It’s a journey

Discover your life purpose

Are you experiencing a disconnect between the way you are living and the way you would like to be living? Have you been questioning what is your life purpose? Are you spending your days just checking off to-do lists and craving something more meaningful in your life? Do you want more direction in your life and live a life aligned with your life purpose?

If you’re feeling a bit lost in life and misaligned with what you are supposed to be doing right now then you may not be clear about your life purpose. What you desire most of all is direction and where you can point purposeful darts in the dartboard you call life.

Some people are blessed with knowing their life purpose from childhood. And great for them! We will cheer them on their journey. We will support them. Maybe wake up early and prepare breakfast for them before they go on their quest each and every day.

But, more often than not, you may sometimes know your life purpose and other times you don’t believe you do, or if you’re like my university students…well…you generally don’t know what you want out of life. Period.

So you follow the traditional advice, “Do what you love” or “Live your passion”, only to find life is just not so easy. You may find that passion may bring more stress with it. So, you are back to finding new directions and life purposes.

I have friends who don’t believe in the concept of following a life purpose. They go to work, tend to their kids, have hobbies and have a merry time whenever they can. They do little otherwise. Most are happy because, unbeknownst to them, they are living out their life purpose already, one that involves having great relationships with their family, friends and colleagues.

I also have friends, including myself, who after a trek through life consisting of 30 to 40 years, feel as though there is more to life, that there is more to be had, and more to be done. It is for these friends, I’m going to trek through the next 30 days to put together several reflections and actions to take to discover your life purpose. All because a life lived with purpose will bring more happiness, more love, more community, less anxiety, and in some cases, more money.

A life with purpose holds much promise for most people. And why shouldn’t you live out your greatest potential? A life with purpose promises more excitement and adventure, lots of failures and rejections but also many personal successes.

I invite you for the next 30 days to discover your life purpose as I do the same to refine my own.

Creating opportunities to discover your life purpose

Read the sub-heading above again. Discovering your life purpose is nothing more than creating opportunities to discover yourself. Over the next 30 days, you will create the opportunities to reflect and perform actions that will help you with discovering yourself.

But first some warnings. Initially, you will dive into this process with enthusiasm and vigour. Great! Then within a week or two, you are going to not want to reflect or do what is being asked of you. You will feel why can’t I get started on my purpose. You will say, hey, look I found my purpose. I will salute you and you get to leave and go on with setting your goals. But, I will also ask you to read through some of the other reflections and perform some of the other activities first to refine your purpose and verify your purpose at this time is exactly what you want.

For most of you, you may try several things and get fed up. Stick it out. It is only 30 days you’re spending on discovering your life purpose. For now. Because for each stage of your life, you may have a different life purpose. And all you need right now is the right life purpose for where you are at.

I also warn you that some of the exercises will bring much-hidden emotion to the surface. Don’t run and hide. Instead, feel the emotion. Cry when you want to, but in the end, record how you felt and why you felt it. All I am asking is for you to use your emotions to guide you.

I suggest you create opportunities to discover your life purpose whenever you feel as though you have lost direction. Discovering a guiding purpose will give you the direction you seek.

In the upcoming days, your opportunities to discover yourself will consist of learning new things, reflecting, taking action, summarizing and synthesizing. In the end, you will be able to not only state your life purpose but also say it with great conviction and emotion. You will also acquire some tools to help you discover your life purposes.

Day 0: Preparing your tools for your discovery journey

Before embarking on any journey, you need to have specific tools. Preparing your tools before the journey makes it easier for you to follow through.

Any journey, whether it is a discovery, exploration, adventure, or achieving a goal, requires physical, time and space, and mental preparations. So let us get you set up.

As this is a journey of learning, reflecting and taking action, a key tool is a journal. This could be your bullet journal if you have one, a notebook, a composition book, flashcards, a notepad, folder pages. Just ensure you keep everything in one place as you will be summarizing and synthesizing some of your reflections along the way.

This is a 30-day journey. You can decide if you will do the daily activities once a day over the next 30 days, or once or twice a week over the next 30 or 15 weeks as the case may be. Regardless, mark off dates on your calendar for each of the 30 days’ activities.

Also, schedule the times you will be working through the activities. Will it be a part of your morning routine if you have one, or just after lunch or dinner? If you are going to do the activities every day, then choose to do the daily activity just after something you do each day, such as a meal, or exercise, or putting the kids to bed. If you are doing the activities after lunch at work, then find a spot at work or in its environs where you can read and work through the activities without being interrupted.

Decide on where you will go to read through the activities and what you will do to prepare your mind to do the reading. This is important because when you are in a relaxed and welcoming state, you are more likely to put in the bit of work for discovering your life purposes. So, if you are reading through the activities each night after putting the kids to bed, you may want to have a cup of tea and pull up this blog on your phone to read. Simple, right?

You may want to keep a track of where you are at in the discovery journey. If you have a bullet journal, you can prepare a page with days on one column and a checkmark for each day. Or, you can prepare a checklist and hang it over the space where you will be reading the daily activities.

By now you would have organized a place to write (journal, location at home or at work), track your readings, and your calendar and schedule to do the daily activities.

Check off the following once done:

  • 30 days noted on the calendar.
  • Time to read and do the activities scheduled on the calendar.
  • Journal.
  • Checklist of the days.

Now, let’s get started.

Day 1: Learning – You will live a life of many purposes

We start our journey of discovering our life purpose with a fact and debunking a myth: You will live a life of many purposes. We rarely ever have a life with just one purpose although that has been the popular belief.

We will have many life purposes for the sole reason that we are multidimensional creatures with different roles in life and possibly many passions. So naturally, we need multiple life purposes.

Over the next 30 days, you will discover a number of life purposes. Some life purposes will take precedence over others at different stages of your life as the strength of their meanings will change with time.

For today, you want to identify the roles you play and your current passions.

Activity 1: List the different roles you play (e.g., mother, daughter, counsellor, teacher, mentor).

Activity 2: List your current passions.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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