Do not quit writing

There are days when you will want to quit. You will have many excuses to support quitting…a child is ill, a parent in the hospital, the terrible boss, your search for a new apartment. I am here to tell you to do what you have to do for those things but do not quit writing.

Excuses are transient

Remember, your excuses are temporary. The excuses you use today may not be the excuses you use in the future. Life is fickle and sometimes can hit you in the gut with wrenching pain. But most are temporary.

When life hits you, that is the time to write. Life brings experiences. Experiences bring shifts in mindsets and new thinking. Writing about your experiences could help you through them.

Sometimes, it really can be hard to write. Still, do not quit writing.

Do not quit – Write one sentence

I am not saying that you have to write the number of words or pages you typically write.

Instead, write one sentence. Yes, just one sentence.

Because that one sentence may lead to another and another. On other days, you may only be able to write just that one sentence.

The point is to not quit writing.

Do not lose momentum

Because when you quit writing, you lose momentum. When you lose momentum you eventually stop. Count that one sentence as your metric for maintaining momentum.

This is all because of physics. There is a fundamental law of motion called Newton’s first law of motion…an object in motion (or at rest) will continue to be in motion (or at rest) unless acted upon by an external force.

External conditions will affect you. They will cause you to lose momentum. So, it will take some effort on your part to keep going.

But, at the same time, your writing is not here to kill you. Your writing should support you. For your writing to support you, you need to support and nurture it as well.

Little bits of writing add up

Just one sentence and you are all done.

Because you are writing for the long haul.

Today you might write one sentence. Maybe tomorrow too. But a little bit today and a little bit tomorrow add up. Then when you have a chance to catch a breath, the bits can act as triggers for more substantial writing.

See to your life but do not quit writing.



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