For success, finish what you start

finish what you start

People like to start new projects. Many are chronic starters. They chase after the new shiny object that passes by them. They get started on any new thought or any new project that they think of.

Their downfall?

They rarely follow through. So you got to simply finish what you start.

You may be a starter with great big ideas. You may even dream what the outcomes will look like. You may begin on the journey and then because of one failure, and you fail to get back on and try again.

You may be a serial starter. Now, you need to transform into a serial finisher.

Finishing what you start means making progress on your project most days of the week. It means taking the next best step on your map, simply executing the next task, then the one after it. It means working on your project if only for one minute of the day.

Maybe that’s why I work best as a unitasker. Once I start a project I need to complete it to the end.

Sometimes I have multiple writing projects to complete. The thing is I may work on them all each day but every day I try to finish one piece of significant writing.

Completing a writing task each day is important and so is completing one writing project each and every week.

Right now my sanity depends on me finishing projects. Finishing completes a loop in your mind. The Zeirganik effect says that you tend to remember incomplete tasks more than tasks that have been completed. If you have any open tasks they will occupy your mind. As far as possible, close the open loops in your mind…finish what you start.

So which writing has been pending in your mind and occupying vital mental space? Then go act on it.

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