How to overcome fatigue and get back on track with your goals

Have you falling off track with your goals because you’re tired? And you’re weary with all the things life has thrown at you.

You’re so worn out that thinking about your goals hurts.

You are just not motivated to work on your goals, although you know they will move you forward with what you want.

You just can’t seem to summon the energy to power through with what you need to do or to endure and overcome any challenges on your journey to your goals.

Fatigue can be a dream killer.

So, what do you do?

Do you force yourself to work through your exhaustion?

No. You should set aside pursuing your goals and prioritize rest.

1.     Accept you need to prioritize rest.

Instead, acknowledge what you are feeling. Acknowledge your body’s tiredness and your mental exhaustion.

And consider, maybe, that fatigue is a sign that you need rest.

Fatigue can also be a symptom of a medical condition so please do consult with a medical doctor.

Nevertheless, acknowledging that you are tired is the first step to getting rest.

In some jobs, workers are not allowed to work when tired as fatigue can slow down reaction times and impair judgement. Workers are encouraged to manage fatigue to keep safe and healthy.

In the same way, learning how to manage fatigue will serve you well. But to do so, make rest a priority.

2.     What things will make you feel rested.

Consider all the things that will make you feel rested.

One is sleep. But sleep can be elusive if you do not have a routine to get to sleep.

Make a list of things that you can do to signal to your body that it is time to make sleep a priority.

My own routine is eating a healthy dinner, polishing my nails, doing 15 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of dancing, cleaning my face and brushing my teeth, having a shower and washing my hair, putting on face and body lotions, and oiling and brushing my hair. I take my time. By the time I am done, I want to sleep. So I get into bed, put on an eye mask in case my husband wants to put on the light in the bedroom and sleep.

Develop your own routine for a restful night.

Next, make a list of activities that you enjoy and that you had not enjoyed for a while. Maybe you would to socialize with friends, go clubbing, spending time in your garden, taking a long hike, weight lifting, pampering yourself with a manicure and pedicure, or a spa day.

3.     Make time for rest and for taking care of yourself

When you are done with putting together a routine for sleep and listed activities you enjoy, now you got to make the time for them.

Look at what you are currently doing and drop things that do not serve you. Watching TV, scrolling through social media and playing games on your phone are activities that you can replace with a sleep routine.

For other activities such as socializing with friends, look at your schedule and your calendar and  carve out a few hours to spend with friends who uplift you. Carve out the time for half day at a spa and arrange for someone to help look after your children and pets for a few hours.

Make a few hours as non-negotiable time for you every week. It is helpful to keep that time the same every week so that you can develop the habit to see to care for yourself. Make that time your self-love time.

4.     Journal about the self-love activities

Most of the self-love activities we tend to do are some form of physical activities. However, tending to your mental and emotional selves are just as important.

Journaling has been shown to improve the outlook of your life. It helps you to become aware of what is working or not working for you.

Writing out your reflections by hand helps you to better express your thoughts and ideas. Working on increasing your rest and self-love activities deserves a space in your journal. You might come up with other ideas to support loving yourself to reduce fatigue.

Whenever, you are fatigued, take the time to recuperate. You will discover that when you are ready, you will get back to wanting to act on goals that are truly meaningful to you.

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