How to use the ‘two minute rule’ to deal with clutter and gain a peace of mind

Have you ever looked around at your messy office and start to feel frenzied and overwhelmed from just looking at the papers spread around you? Does your clutter exhaust you?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the open task loops that each paper in your office represents?

Do you want to clear and neaten the clutter and gain a peace of mind? How would you feel if you walked into an office that served you rather than overwhelm you?

The two minute rule and a calendar are all you need to have in your arsenal for now.

The two minute rule

The two minute rule requires you to take one of two main actions.

In the first case, if the papers in your office are messy, then every time you enter your office, spend two minutes neatening the papers.

In the second case, if the papers are already neatened, then each week choose one 1″ pile to deal with. Every time you enter your office, lift one paper off the pile and make one of the following decisions:

  1. Thrash the paper as it is no longer relevant to you.
  2. Take action on it. For example, either send an email, make a call, set aside to file when you do your batch filing, or schedule it on your calendar.
  3. Or, if it is not relevant this month, then file it for later review in the future.

Once your calendar for the next week is maxed out with work on tasks then leave the pile alone. Come back to it when you need to.

Call to action

Try out the two minute rule. After a while you will get the outer order you desire to calm your mind and brain. First, a neater place brings the calm and secondly, making a decision and closing the mind loops that each page represents.



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