Do not quit writing if your writing is bad. Use these 5 methods to improve it.

I was aghast to see someone suggest to her readers that they should quit writing if they are bad at it. No sweetheart. That is the exact opposite of what you should say.

If you are bad at writing and you want to continue writing then you should write some more. Do not quit writing.

But there is one caveat here. Learn the craft of writing and implement what you have learnt right away.

Bad writing cannot become worse. Bad writing will stay bad unless you take actions to improve on it.

Here are four ways to improve your writing.

1. Read what you want to write about

The first way to learn how to write is to read in the genre you want to write in.

Don’t just read every and anything. Read books containing good writing. Read the classics. Read books published by traditional publishing houses. Read magazines such as the Times and the New York Times. Traditional publishing houses and magazines have editors on staff whose only job is to improve the writing of the submissions they decide to take to press.

2. Write daily

After reading widely, you may make the shift to wanting to write. Write daily to get to know your voice. Write to learn the tone that you are comfortable with projecting to an audience.

3. Take a writing course in a local college or an online one where you will get feedback.

You want feedback.

You may get disheartened in the beginning because of comments that your writing is bad. But, take the advice.

If someone tells you that they find it frustrating to read your work because of grammatical issues then try to fix that first before anything ekse. Good writing flows. Any issues preventing that flow should be fixed.

Try as far as possible to have an independent person give you feedback. Family members may be too nice or too harsh. Pay an independent person, preferably a professional, whether a teacher, an author, or an editor, to give you advice.

4. Hire a writing coach, buy a writing craft book, take a course to fix specific writing issues. Then practice, practice, practice.

A writing coach can tell you where your writing is bad. She could guide you on which aspects of your writing to fix. a writing coach can also keep you accountable on improving your writing skills.

If you can’t afford to spend money on a writing coach, use writing craft books from your local library or purchase one from an online bookstore.

Try to get workbooks like the ones you had in grade school. You want to be able to step through the book to correct the issues in your writing.

Craft books will guide you on the elements of your writing that you need to fix. Skim the table of contents and make a list to chapters that you need to read. Read and make notes with the intention to implement new techniques or rules immediately in your writing.

Supplement craft books with more examples on how to fix specific issues. YouTube has many tutorials. You can also take short online courses in specific issues in udemy, Coursera, EdX, and Lynda.


Even if your writing is bad, so not quit writing. There are ways to fix bad writing. Use at least one of the four methods here and your writing will improve. As Confuscius said:

It does not matter how slowly you go, do not stop.

Keep improving your writing. Keep in writing.

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