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One of the reasons we feel anxiety is that we don’t think we are living a life of purpose. We know instinctively that we are meant to be a bit more of what we are right now. We feel the stirring to live differently, to create a life of purpose.

But, what does this life of purpose really mean to you? Have you defined it as specifically as possible?

Have you applied effort to things that matter most to you consistently? Are your daily efforts adding up to something meaningful? Can you see all areas of your life working together for a purpose? Are you making the changes to get you to where you want to be?

We feel the gap between where we want to be and where we are at.

But closing that gap takes time. We need the patience to apply consistent effort. We need time to realize what actions are not working for us and what are. We need mindfulness to be present in what is happening now and to enjoy the moment.

Living in the gap makes us anxious about the distance we need to go as yet. We forget to live our purpose now for this stage of our life.

We find living purposefully and mindfully hard because of ingrained habits. We need to accept that effort and energy are the fuel sources for a purposeful life, and that change will need constant monitoring, stoking, and courage to get back to taking meaningful actions each day.

One of the modern-day philosophers, Jordan Peterson, talks of how much he wanted to keep at his intellectual endeavours and publish his research papers. He decided on his purpose and then started crafting life to serve that purpose. He applied the effort. Watch the video here.

But, he did not just come up with a purpose. He started and continued adjusting all parts of his life to that single purpose. He admitted it took him a long time to quit smoking and drinking. And, he took up swimming and weightlifting.

Every person knows this but we quit because habits are hard to break. But, we don’t get back on the plan the next day or the next event and apply the effort.

Consider, what one thing you want and what action when done daily will get you there. Then, set up your mindset and environment to take that action daily. Take a break when you get tired but get back to taking action the next day. Continue applying effort until it becomes effortless.

Leave a comment below on the goal you are striving for and the one action if compounded daily will get you there.

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