Meaningful goals in 2020

meaningful goals

Consider these four things when setting your goals

Each year, many people set goals on January 1 and within three weeks they forget about the goals. Either life gets in the way or willpower has run out. I have been in this position and it is demoralizing. This year, 2020, take your time in setting your goals. In fact, let January be the month for you to decide on the most meaningful goals for you in 2020. Ask yourself what goals are most important to you for this year. Take your time with this. Really, you don’t have to rush. Here are four pointers for setting meaningful goals.

Set goals that make you sing

By nature, your goals bring you closer to the life you want to live. They transform the way how you do things. They transform your relationships and your perspective on life. Your approach to life should become more congruent to how you want to feel.

So, when you set your goals, set goals that make you sing, goals that will drive you out of your bed and into action mode.

Because, my friend, the journey will have obstacles and you will need some inner light to take you through or around the obstacles. In those periods, you need a little spark in you, the motivation, to want to show up repeatedly to take the necessary action to get to your goals?

What goals will transform your life?

What goals will transform you and bring you closer to the emotional state that you desire?

In chasing a goal we are in fact chasing a feeling.

There is one caveat here. Do not say you want happiness. Let me repeat that. Your emotional state should not be happy. Oftentimes we think that if we have this one thing we will be happy. If we have a big house we will be happy. If we have the Tesla or Mercedes Benz we will be happy. The reality is that happiness is a fleeting emotion.

Set goals that will make you learn and grow into the person or identity you wish to be.

Set goals that are aligned to helpful and kind values.

So what goals make you sing today?

Set transformational goals

Your goals should transform you.

No, not from weak to strong or from bronze to gold. Those are aspirations.

When I say transform, I mean you would have grown in mindset, confidence and skills.

Your goals should change how you think and behave by the time you reach them.

Set transformational goals for each area of your life.

Look at your goals from last year. Were there any then you did not accomplish. Would the transformations they promise still make you want them? Then, you can adopt and adapt them for this year.

Set goals that are within your sphere of control

Sometimes your goals are driven by fear such as not knowing if you will be able to keep the temporary job that you are in.

In these cases, the goals should be incremental and chunked. Look at where you are at and where you want to go. Then learn about the attitudes and skills you need to develop to get to the endpoint. Then, your first action should be the first mindset and skills that you need to adopt.

Your incremental goals should slowly take you from a state of less confidence to a state of more confidence.

Fear erodes our self-confidence. So set meaningful goals that help you to incrementally build your skills and confidence.

Set meaningful goals for each area of your life

Very often we set goals for one area of our life. Transformations in one area may lead to other areas of your life suffering.

So when you write your goals, write meaningful goals for each area of your life and check that they are in congruence.

Take your time

Take your time to assess where you are at, where you want to go and whether your goals serve you in the present and in the future.

Your meaningful goals will require hard work. So take your time to decide whether your 2020 goals are worth your time, energy and money.


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