Create a nurturing environment for your dreams

Most of us are shells of our full potentials because of the nurture and care we had as children. Children who are nurtured are told that they can do whatever they wanted to do. Their thoughts were respected and they were loved for who they are. They were given tools and books they wanted or new items to spark their curiosity.

Most people do not grow up in an environment that nurtured their curiosity. In fact, we are told what we should not do and how to be safe.

Some of us did not get love from parents or grandparents.

If you did not grow up in a nurturing environment then we would not know what to provide for our children or even ourselves.

Barbara Sher in Wishcraft describes 7 properties of nurturing environments that creates winners:

  1. Were you treated as though you had a unique kind of genius that was loved and respected?
  2. Were you told you could do and be anything you wanted – and that you’d be loved and admired no matter what it is?
  3. Were you given real help and encouragement in finding out what you wanted to do – and how to do it?
  4. Were you encouraged to explore all your own talents and interests even if they changed from day to day?
  5. Were you allowed to complain when the going got rough, and given sympathy instead of being told to quit?
  6. Were you bailed out when you got in over your head – without reproach?
  7. Were you surrounded by winners who were pleased when you won?

So that’s a long list of good things that has to happen to create a nurturing environment all of which are dependent on the people around you.

If you had all the conditions if a nurturing environment where will you be now? What would you be doing or feeling?

While you may not have had a nurturing environment as a child, can you now create a winner’s environment for your own nurturing and for your children’s?

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