Rekindle your heart’s desires

When last did you think of what you desired most from this life? Are you living the life you were meant to live? Then pause and rekindle your heart’s desires. Pull out a paper, take a pen to hand and write down your deepest dreams.

At first, you may be afraid to write down what you wish and dream for.

But, winning in life is getting what you want, your wish, your fantasy, your dream, your heart’s desires.

Winning in life is waking up most mornings excited about the day ahead of you.

So start taking your dreams seriously.

Take your dreams seriously because they are not luxuries that can wait while you take care of the mortgage, earning an income, saving for retirement, loving your family, putting everyone else’s needs in front.

Your desires define you. They are core to you. They define the life you were meant to live.


But what if you are too disillusioned with what you have that you have forgotten what you deeply desire.

What if you are fed up of the positive thinking you tried? Positive thinking seems to have led you no where.

What if you have made ten steps back in the past few months or years, that you are back in debt and put back on the weight you lost? You’re disillusioned.

What if you lost your job and that life is hard and lonely? You’re weary.

What if you tried and realized you can’t persevere or don’t have self-discipline or self-confidence, that you are a chronic procrastinator. You’re discouraged.

We are with you. We have been there before. And you will get through it all.

Your heart’s desires are core to your life.

And all the difficult things in life can’t take away your imagination, your dreams and desires. Your desires may be dormant but they are there within you.

A simple way to rekindle your heart’s desires

For a few minutes, put aside the doubts, the fears, and the anxieties and let yourself fantasize about how you will look, where you will be, and what you are doing if you were living the life you were meant to live.

Feel your heart’s desires.

Listen to your heart’s desires.

See your heart’s desires.

Then write down your desires.

Write it in bullet form if it suits you. If you wish, write out your desires in prose form. Write down how you feel.

Rekindle your heart’s desires because they are core to you, they are a necessity to you.

Why you should dream and fantasize

Your desires guide your thoughts, your thoughts guide your decisions, and your decisions guide your actions.

We act on desires because they are fundamental to us, to our core being.

Your desires form your why.

Your why is the greater power to move your reality to your desires.

Fantasize away and build the life you want in your imagination first.

Then crystallize that life on paper.

Go rekindle your heart’s desires because in your imagination, you can live your life the way it was meant to be.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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