Take a gentler approach to achieving your main goals this year

I have had my fair share of relentlessly pursuing the goals I want, more so in the education domain.

Thanks to always pushing on my goals, I have held several scholarships and fellowships, completed an undergraduate degree at the top of my class and three postgraduate degrees including a PhD. I also got my dream job as an assistant professor.

I have more goals that I want to achieve in the next year including losing a giganormous (yes I made up that word) amount of weight accumulated from sitting on my butt to study, writing scientific articles to publish and writing for this website.

While I have these goals, I don’t want a relentless push anymore.

Frankly, it is exhausting always going after the next goal. The go all in strategies to achieving your goal do not leave enough time, energy and resources to enjoy life and pursue fulfilling relationships. Those relentless strategies eventually weakens and tires your body.

Right now my body is saying, “Please give me a bit of rest and sleep. Please treat me nicely…7 hours of sleep per night would be a substantial step up from 5 hours. Please go out and see your friends more often otherwise you will lose them and please take a vacation.” Okay, maybe I’m imagining things but that is exactly how I feel.

Truth be told, I want to have everything.

But, I need to recognize that I can have everything, just not all at the same time.

I want an approach to goal achievement that does not hurt my body through a lack of sleep or rest. I want an approach that acknowledges the rhythms of the day, week, seasons and the year, and one that blends the time for doing and the time for rest.

So, if I want a gentler approach to achieving my goals while treating my body right and exploring relationships, then I have to stratify when I focus on each goal.

But, a gentler approach it is going to be.

The question is, what exactly is a gentler approach? How do I envision doing the work to achieve my goals?

My gentler approach to achieving goals

I suggest you do this exercise with me.

Define what is the gentler approach is for yourself.

For me, it means getting enough sleep, ideally 7 hours, having a home that is well stocked with healthy foods to support my weight loss goals, working on my research to generate products each day, and writing for this blog. I also want to put my hard earned money to good use. Yes, I know I repeated my goals. These are important to me. But I also want to cook and socialize outside of work more often, at least once per week.

I want to leave work whenever I have no meeting commitments and work from home more often.

I want to declutter my space and keep only those things that make me feel good and that support my goals, wishes and needs this year.

I want my work days to be spent mostly on projects of my choosing. But, if projects are assigned to me then I want to know where or how those projects are going to have an impact on people and their development.

I want my days to be spent working steadily and meeting colleagues, friends and family.

I want some time with my hubby, for us to pursue an activity we both like more often.

I want a more realistic idea of my time and resources and how best I can put them to use.

I have the wants and needs of most people.

But I want these things that I want to come at a slower and gentler pace so that I could enjoy it all in the moment.

I want to know that even with a slower pace of life that what I do today will eventually lead me to my goals.

The goals are no longer my utmost need, enjoying the journey to the goals is.

Enjoy the journey

I’m slowly realizing that the best way to enjoy the journey is to incorporate pauses throughout the day and give gratitude or thanks for what I have in the moment.

This is the cheapest option for a journey and can be done anywhere and any mood.

But pausing is not stopping the work to watch TV. Pausing is really about appreciating what I have in the moment and celebrating the little wins. These wins could be daily or weekly wins. Pausing could also mean stopping to check in with my body and how it is doing.

So obviously I have a lot of wants and goals. Now it seems that my gentler approach to life is another goal to strive for. I have my work cut out for me to see how I could have the gentler approach and the main goals.

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