Welcome your desires into your life

Welcome your desires into your destiby

The difficult thing about what you desire is that you can’t see it yet. And, when you can’t see it, you can’t welcome your desire into your life.

Instead, you start believing that your desires are out of your reach.

I’m not asking you to believe you can get what you desire as yet.

No, I want you to choose to be ready to accept that your desires are your destiny.

Choose to welcome your desires into your destiny

You may feel resistance to accept your desires. I get that.

You may be thinking about the things in the past that prevented you from going after your dreams.

You also know that the future holds uncertainties.

Spiritual leader, Gabrielle Bernstein, in Super Attractor, recommends a simple prayer to forgive yourself and clear space for the present: I forgive my past, I release my future, and I honor how I feel in the present.

I have one part to add to this prayer: I welcome my heart’s desires. I acknowledge my desires are my own.

This is the truth, your desires are yours and only yours.

The prayer is a prayer to align your mind and body to your heart’s inner desires.

Adapt the welcome prayer to you

Change the prayer to include different aspects of your desires. For me, my prayer at this phase of my life is: I welcome the writer I am meant to be, the research I’m to produce, the slim and elegant body I’m meant to have, the financial freedom to pursue what I want, the businesses I’m meant to build, the love I’m meant to share, the children I’m meant to have, the life I’m meant to experience with my husband by my side at each and every phase of my adult life, and the peace and calm as we go about our lives even in the pursuit of our goals.

Make your prayer specific and include the core aspects that mean the most to you.

Say your prayer every day for a week. If at the end of the week you feel anxious about the prayer then tweak it so that it is more relatable to you.

Ensure the prayer has no negativity in it.

It can be grandiose dreams. That is fine because this exercise is all about welcoming your desires into your life.

Above all, feel the emotions the prayer brings as you say it.

Repeat the prayer in the morning and night and repeat the prayer for a month or more.

Repeat the prayer until you accept that your destiny awaits.

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