Who do you think you are having those dreams?

Sometimes on an off guard you may tell someone outside your inner support circle about the big dreams you have. A typical response to your declaration in so many words is, “Who do you think you are to have those dreams?”

Who do you think you are to want to be a scientist like Albert Einstein? I had someone tell me this already.

Who do you think you are dreaming of owning your own business?

Who do you think you are dreaming of being a best selling author?

A movie star?

Owning a mansion?

Being on a world cruise?

Instead of others speaking to you in sarcasm, you get to answer the question and define who you are.

Take a minute and write down who you are.

You may come up with, I’m a 40 year old, 5 foot tall, 180 lb woman, married, an accountant with 3 kids.

Or you might be a 6 foot tall, 43 year old vascular surgeon, unmarried but looking for a life partner.

These descriptions do describe you but they don’t say anything about what you love or desire.

I love Latin dancing but its been years since I’ve taken a class. I like getting my hands dirty in soil and planting and tending to my flowers.

Spend a few days coming up with a list of things you love.

Some may have been dormant and others forgotten from days in your past.

Gather a list of all things you love to do or experience. Include relationships too. Think of what fascinated you as a child. What did you dream about as a teen? Think through each five years of your life and record your desires from each age period. Gather them all together in one place because you will use this list to make your dreams a reality. Keep this second list and throw away the first one. How tall you are, your weight, your career, whether you’re married or single do not adequately describe you.

Your uniqueness comes from your loves and desires.

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